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The coil transfer trolley manufacturer


The coil transfer trolley manufacturer

coil transfer trolley manufacturer is specialized in rail transfer trolley 14 years,we can design the trolley according to your demand,for example:the coil transfer trolley.
About the coil transfer trolley,there are two kinds,a type is run on the rail,the other is run on the cement floor or smooth ground.For the first kind,it can get power by low-voltage from rail,storage battery,cable reel or dragged cable.The coil transfer trolley runs on the rails which has no special requirements of the rail’s construction .The load capacity can be designed from 1-300t,according to your demand,we can provide the best choice for you.The table size,capacity and rail inner gauge can be choose as par your demands.The speed of the coil transfer trolley on rails is about 0-20m/min.It can be used to transport the steel coils,aluminum coils and any coils element.It can run on the cured rails and arc-shaped rails.The turning radius can be designed as per your trolley’s table size.
For the coil transfer trolley without rails,there has no rails,it runs on the concrete floor,it is powered by storage battery,there has no limit about the running distance.It is convenient to charge by the intelligent charger.About the charger time is about 8-10 hours.The speed range of 0-15m/min,the largest capacity is about 50t.You can control the coil transfer trolley by handle controller or remote controller.
The frame of coil transfer trolley can be designed by your demand,e.g the “V” frame and can be installed the hydraulic lifting.It can be used in steel mill,steel factory,copper industry,aluminum plant,etc.It is easy to transport the coils by the “C” lifting hook.What’s more,we can provide the other kinds of transfer trolleys,e.g:ladle transfer trolley,billet transfer trolley,painting transfer trolley,etc.

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