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How to choose motorized rail cart


How to choose motorized rail cart

Transfer cart is mainly two types of motorized transfer cart and motorized rail cart. Among them, motorized has many models, and its selection problem has always been paid more attention by many users. It is also a question that asks more. Let's look at how to choose according to the characteristics of the electric flat car.
1. Battery-powered motorized rail cart mainly uses battery to directly supply power to the flat car, so it is easy to use and suitable for those used in low-frequency and explosion-proof environments. There is no significant limit to the operating distance due to battery power.
2, low-voltage track motorized rail cart, mainly through the track as a conductor for the flat car power supply, the running distance can be infinitely long in principle, but the actual is not too long, the load tonnage usually does not exceed 50 tons, the insulation needs to be done when laying the track, This flat car should not be used in the open air or in an explosion-proof environment.
3, motorized rail cart is also the use of rail power supply, the operating distance is not limited, currently used mainly for the selection of vehicles with large tonnage load.
4, the towed cable power supply motorized rail cart mainly uses the cable to directly supply the motor loaded on the flat car, so the overall cost is lower, belonging to the common type of electric flat car, because the cable is directly powered, so the running distance is usually within 20 meters.
5. The motorized rail cart powered by the sliding line mainly uses the sliding contact line to supply power to the flat car. Currently, it is mostly used for workshop assembly line transportation.
6, reel powered motorized rail cart, mainly using the cable on the reel to supply power to the flat car, the running length can reach 200 meters, also belongs to the current common models.
7. In addition, there is the selection of the trackless flat car. In some special environments, there is no way to lay the track. In this case, the motorized rail cart is a good choice. Without laying the track, the tonnage can be freely selected, but Since the battery capacity on the flat car is limited, it is not suitable for use in high frequency applications.

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