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Introduction of cable reel power coil transporter


Introduction of cable reel power coil transporter

The working principle of the cable reel power coil transporter is that the electric flat car is provided with a cable reel, and the cable reel is hysteresis-coupled to ensure that the cable is evenly stressed and not easily damaged. The cable drum 380V power supply provides power to the YZ crane metallurgy motor on the flat car, and the motor drives the flat car to run.
When the electric flat car is running, the cable reel automatically winds up or releases the cable, which is affected by the power supply length of the reel. The general running distance is less than 200m. The flat car is suitable for hoisting metallurgy under severe working conditions. The cable reel power coil transporter has a simple and reliable structure, economy, and convenient rail construction. The service life of the car is as long as 15 years. One car can be used for many purposes, and it has high usability and practicality. It is very helpful for the high frequency of use in the factory. Secondly, the operation is simple, safe and reliable, and there is no need to worry about personal injury.

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