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Turning requirements for battery powered on rail transfer trolley


Turning requirements for battery powered on rail transfer trolley

There are 11 types of electric flat cars produced by our company. Different types have different modes of transportation, and each car can be made into track and trackless styles. For the turning of battery powered on rail transfer trolley, these flat cars need to pay attention to the following points:
1. Equipment structure: Turntable car is composed of frame, rotating table, driving device, control box, etc. The rotary table body is equipped with guide rails, which can be rotated by 90º. It has the characteristics of flexible rotation, quick response and reliable performance. The track docking realizes automatic deceleration control through the frequency conversion speed regulator, and an electric control limit device is provided between the two positions of 90º, so that the positioning of the rotating table is accurate when rotating, so that the main body guide rail and the ground track are well aligned; Auxiliary support wheel set to ensure the stability of the rotary table load. The laying of tracks should be rationalized. Once the track is laid, it means that the battery powered on rail transfer trolley will turn along the track.
2. Frame system: The plate frame structure of the frame is composed of longitudinal beams, cross beams and steel plates. The "#" skeleton plate frame structure is constructed with steel plates on the work surface. The profiles and steel plates used comply with the corresponding national standards.
3. Transmission system: The motor drives the reducer, transmits the power to the rotary device, and drives the rotary table to rotate. The connection between each element and the main body is reliable. The motor uses a brake motor, the protection level is IP44, and the insulation level is E level.
4. Control system: There is a control box on the ground, with left-hand, right-hand, jog and stop buttons on the control box, and corresponding indicator lights.
5. The rust removal coating requires the rust removal on the surface of steel plates, profiles, castings and forgings to reach ST2 level in GB8923. Before leaving the factory, perform rust prevention treatment on all exposed processing surfaces. The surface is coated with anti-rust primer, dark gray topcoat, and the guide rail is not painted.
6. Control box system: the control box is made of steel plate, beautiful and practical, with anti-corrosion treatment on the surface, the thickness of the box body is not less than 2 mm, there is a good heat dissipation device, there is a practical maintenance lamp in the control box, the door lock is firm and reliable easy to use, no interference.
7. Equipment configuration: Industrial components should be selected to provide sufficient guarantee for the overall reliability of the equipment.

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