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Battery Powered Rail Transfer Cars


Battery Powered Rail Transfer Car

Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd has 14 years manufacture experience, is a professional manufacturer about battery powered rail transfer car.
Working principle about this kind of battery powered rail transfer car : The batteries supply electricity to the DC motor through the electrical control system. And we use this principle to operate the cart start, stop, go forward and backword, adjust the speed and so on.
    Battery Powered Steel Plant transfer car has many advantages,such as the load capacity can up to 300tons, has no strict requirement for the construction of the rail, stable start, big starting power, small impact to the gear reducer, low voltage, long service life. High safety performance, include the warning light, emergency stop button, limit switch button,etc. battery powered rail transfer car Adopt steel beam box structure, so the plate is uneasy deformation. Here are lifting hole at the both side of the rail transfer cart, and convenient to the transportation. Then if the table is oversize, it can be divided into two prats. The table size can be designed as per your factory.And the rail can be S and arc-shaped. Convenient, safety, Flexible. battery powered rail transfer car Is also a good choice for the place has no power.
     Best choice for every factory material transfer.

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