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Lift and roll track automatic transfer cart


Lift and roll track automatic transfer cart 

The lift and roll track automatic transfer cart is powered by the trolley line, runs on the track, and is also equipped with a track on its table for the electric transfer vehicle to be ferried, its running direction and the operation of the track flatbed to be ferried. The direction is crisscrossed.
Because of its action characteristics, it is generally driven in the pit. The table top is flush with the ground. The trolley travels to a certain position. The track on the table and the track on the ground can be accurately docked, which is equivalent to a moving table. One end of the trolley is designed with the operating platform of the vehicle, so that the operator can control any of the rail cars with the vehicle, saving human resources.
The cost is relatively low, the operation is safe and convenient, and the material transportation problem caused by the layout limitation of the production workshop can be effectively solved. This is also developed in the context of solving transportation problems for customers. The lift and roll track automatic transfer cart is equipped with a hydraulic lifting device to supply the battery to the flat car. The whole work flow is: after the rail flat car is loaded with the steel workpiece outside the workshop, it is transported straight to the inside of the workshop. After reaching the end point, the track is flat. The control button can be used to advance, stop, retreat, rollover, etc. of the console car. After the trolley is equipped with the rollover function, 2-3 manual labor can be saved, and the working time is greatly saved.
The technical extension of the lift and roll track automatic transfer cart has made our flat car widely used in the field of industrial workshop automation, and our company has developed rollover, lift, explosion-proof, turning and dustproof on this basis. Track flat car working in special environment such as high temperature resistance.

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