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paint shop heavy rail transfer cart


 paint shop  heavy rail transfer cart


heavy rail transfer cart used in the paint room has higher requirements for the environment, and the manufacturers are less. Today, I will introduce a manufacturer and his products.

High temperature resistant electric heavy rail transfer cart frame system: Frame with plate frame structure, composed of longitudinal beam, beam and steel plate "#" skeleton plate structure, work table laid steel plate, motor drive reducer, the power transfer to the rotary device, drive rotary table rotation, each component and the main body connection is reliable, the motor adopts brake motor, plate motor, Including electric flat motor, track, sliding touch line, sliding touch line, moving touch line, sliding touch groove, collector, wire, second line, third line; The other end is connected with the electric flat car electric heavy rail transfer cart transformer wire end; One end is connected with the zero line end of the electric flat car, and the other end is connected with the wheel of the electric flat car.


Perfect produces high temperature and dust proof electric heavy rail transfer cart and rail cars, which can be tailored to the design scheme and a variety of models, to give customers a better service experience.

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